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Velvet Rosette Clip

Chic Baby Rose

Velvet Rosette Clip

$ 16.95

This beautiful, and unique, hair piece measures about 4.5" long x 3" at the widest point and features 3 velvet and lace flowers. Choose a large snap clip, cream or black elastic cord to finish it off.

The clip: Wear the clip alone, or clip it onto a head band or hat.

The elastic cord: The cord will hide in her hair and makes it lay nice and flat. Cords are available in black for dark hair or cream for light hair. Elastic cords are also great for newborns as you can simply tie a knot at the neck to make it smaller.

Please Note for the clip:

Touching your head with your left hand = Left Side of Head

Touching your head with your right hand = Right Side of Head

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